Dr. Steve Sluyk

Dr. Steve Sluyk

Steve Sluyk, DDS


Steve Sluyk, DDS attended Medical College of Virginia, where he earned his dentistry degree and completed his Endodontic specialty training. In his youth, he loved the attention to detail and fine motor skills required to build and paint models. He also always knew he wanted to work in healthcare. Dentistry was the perfect combination of his passions. As an endodontist, he gets to do incredibly fine-detailed work that truly helps people.

At Daniel Sluyk, DDS, he takes genuine pride in the outcomes that he provides his patients. Being a root canal specialist means that he is continually working toward getting people out of pain. The technical skills required to complete these complex procedures and the end result it has for patients bring him immense satisfaction.

Along with the rest of the team at Daniel Sluyk, DDS, Dr. Steve Sluyk believes that each patient deserves an unparalleled level of care, compassion, and kindness. Whether you are coming to the office for a routine, scheduled cleaning or an emergency root canal, Dr. Steve Sluyk has the compassion and skill to meet you where you are, greet you with kindness and understanding, and help you reach your goals.

Every patient deserves a pain-free, comfortable experience at the dentist, particularly when they’re coming to the office already in pain. Dr. Steve Sluyk is committed to changing the way people experience dentistry, especially when it comes to root canals. He believes that this can be a positive experience, and he works tirelessly to make sure that is exactly what his patients get.

Dr. Steve Sluyk feels fortunate to be able to work with his son and serve the community in which he built his home. He has been with his wife since they were 16 years old, and he is blessed with three beautiful children and seven grandchildren. At his core, he is an adventurer and a family man. When you see Dr. Steve Sluyk in the office, you will surely be greeted by his vigor for life and passion for the people he cares for, including his patients.

I enjoy being able to use my unique gift of comforting patients, along with my specialized dental skills, to provide excellent dental healthcare.

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